Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Intro 101: Violent Capitalism

Violent Capitalism (v-lnt kp-tl-zm, n.): The result of reality being different from the facts

Most financial media sucks. They suck because they rely on information at face value without doing any real hard work. Their time is better spent creating interest than actually doing good research. On that note here is my ranking of some popular media:

Seeking Alpha
...and everyone else

I may update this list in the future, but my main gripe is that most financial media is subject to dozens of financial analysts they utilize. I also have nothing against any individual analyst, except when they chime in on subjects when they do not fully understand the subject matter.

These analysts will be subject to my violent capitalism in the future. It's nothing personal - I will just make it seem that it is personal.

I expect things to get heated more than Jim Cramer Vs. Jim Stewart at times. One thing you can be assured is that by holding a CFA charter, I am forced to be somewhat ethical. I'm throwing it out there - and should anyone have a honest, ethical problem with my writing - I will be glad to accept any disciplinary measures by the CFA Institute.

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